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The AIESEC mission is about developing leadership skills among young people as a way to contribute to a better world. AIESEC does this by sending students to foreign countries for internships and volunteer projects.

What does AIESEC do?

The focus for this campaign in the Netherlands is on the third part, taking action. On the AIESEC platform, we offer 6 to 12-week volunteer projects in 125 countries that actively contribute to one or more of the global goals. The platform allows you to select projects by SDG Goal so participants can choose from projects in those areas in which they would most like to make a difference. Selecting quality education, for example, might include projects such as teaching English to local children in Africa.

Facts about AIESEC

AIESEC (pronounced eye-sek) was originally the acronym for the Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales.

It is a global network of young leaders under the age of 30, who want to work toward improving both themselves and their environment.

The organization is active in over 126 countries. Every aspect of the AIESEC operation is led by students or recent graduates.

Interested in volunteering for a project? Visit the AIESEC website and apply today!

Veronique went to Lebanon this year, where she worked on a ´women empowerment’ project:

“My experience in Lebanon has highlighted my passions. I was always aware of the fact that I am very passionate about equal rights and sexual rights, but the project has confirmed this for me. I went to Lebanon for six weeks to engage in a Women Empowerment project. Through this project I was able to work with several NGO’s that all did their best to make the world a better place. In addition to this, I got to meet the most incredible and inspiring women. Women who are experts in their fields, women who follow their passions, women who are not afraid to tackle taboos. I want to become like these women. My exchange was so valuable and inspiring, I am now certain I want to pursue a future within this field. I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities, regardless of their gender. I believe everyone should have the freedom to love who they want to love. Besides having such a motivating experience with regards to future prospects, it was also just amazing to get to know Lebanon this way. Through the AIESEC experience you get to meet so many nice people, both locals and internationals. Furthermore you get to experience the country in a way that is so different than if you are just an average tourist. I recommend such an experience to everyone, it is a perfect way to discover your passions and experience a country in a unique way.”

  • Werkt als kunstenaar, zelfstandig en in opdracht. Visie, verbeelding en verbinding zijn daarin haar vertrekpunten. De visie voor de Global Goals probeert ze samen met het team via dit Magazine te verbeelden en inzicht en een impuls te geven hoe we met elkaar kunnen verbinden. Zodat we met z'n allen de wereld steeds een stukje beter leren kennen en maken, lokaal, landelijk of wereldwijd. Lid bij JCI Gouda.

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