We Are the Makers of the Global Goals Magazine

Interviewing, sorting, writing, cutting and writing some more. And along the way, learning a lot about the Sustainable Development Goals and all the things JCI is doing to help achieve them. We have had a lot of fun working on this Global Goals Magazine these past few months. It has been a great example of learning by doing!

Susan Wanders

Susan discovered a lot about the millennium goals during her travels in South Africa. As an entrepreneur, she deals with social issues almost daily. Actively working on them through JCI, both on a national level in the Global Goal Committee and with JCI Quadrivium, is a perfect combination.

Rimke Nolten

Works as an artist, independently and by commission. Vision, imagination and connection are the starting points for her work. For her, this Magazine is an effort, together with the rest of the team, to present the vision of the Global Goals. It is an attempt to bring insights into, and provide an impulse for, how we might connect with each other, so that we can all begin to understand our world and make it a better place, locally, nationally and globally.

Member of JCI Gouda.

Hanneke Kardol

Works as a volunteer for VSO and is inspired by the Global Goals. Became infected with the SDG virus through Susan (Wanders) during the BidBad 2016. Extremely interested in social entrepreneurship, microfinancing and international aid. Hopes to one day live and work in Kenya, and to write her memoires there.

Member of JCI ’t Sticht.

Wendy Heitkamp

Works as a business controller at Zorg van de Zaak, an organization that believes people are happiest when they can participate in work and society (SDG #8). With that ideal in mind, her employer works to keep people healthy and employable, and to function at their best. Inspired by the Global Goals through the JCI chapters and other organizations working to contribute to one or more of the 17 SDGs and make the world just a little bit better. Annual volunteer at a 4-day biking event for people with a visual handicap because you should be thankful you are healthy and able to give help to people in our society who have a little less of that luck.

Member of JCI Eemland.

George Gijsen

In my day job as pharmacist, I help a lot of people with questions and problems. As a member of JCI Utrecht, I attended the JCI Global Partnership Summit at the UN in New York in 2015. That had been a big wish of mine. For me, the SDGs are about making and maintaining a better world. That is something we can do together.

Bart Keultjes

My name is Bart Keultjes, and I am a member of JCI Bollenstreek. In my day job, I am an ICT entrepreneur. JCI and the Global Goals inspire me to contribute to my own environment and to create an impact at a local level.

Laura Teunissen

Hi! I am Laura, a member of JCI Haaglanden. In my day job, I work to connect and build bridges, by which I offer sustainable solutions where technology meets management. The SDGs are important to me, because these goals contribute to restoring the balance between people, planet and prosperity.

Mirjam van den Berg

Helps creative entrepreneurs with critical thinking about their little part of the internet. Designs websites and online strategies, and helps people to tell their best story, in words, pictures and technology. Switches between working in front of a monitor and working behind a lens as a documentary photographer.

In another life, she traveled off the beaten path for Oxfam Novib, Doctors without Borders and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Wereldomroep). That put a human face on a whole bunch of de Global Goals.

Member of JCI Gouda.

The Global Goal Magazine couldn’t have been published without the help of Cantrijn. Cantrijn are professionals for collaboration and association. “Multiplying begins with sharing” – according to Edward van der Meijden. Please don’t hesitate to share this magazine or bring it to the attention of others.