Judith Nieuwpoort (38 and member of JCI Delflanden) started her company several years ago to pursue her biggest passion: bringing a fresh new perspective to child welfare, and to the professional support and supervision of children with ADHD and autism through sleepover and itinerate counseling. It was no smooth sailing. When she first started out, she had no idea how to run a company. When the company began to grow, it was difficult keeping everything under control. The Dutch Academy came along at exactly the right moment. It was a boost to her self-confidence, and she received plenty of help from fellow JCI members. Together with a lawyer, a notary and the director of a temporary work agency, she got the business up and running again. And thanks to that collaboration, she could focus once again on her true passion!

Judith’s passion is a perfect example of Global Goal #3 ‘Good health and well-being’: creating a healthy life and aiding in people’s welfare.

Sleepovers at the Holiday Park

Happy KidsCare is an organization that offers professional support and supervision to children with ADHD and autism through sleepover and itinerate counseling. Their positivity counseling is provided through individual supervision for a few hours a week, group supervision in Delft for one or more (half)days per week, and monthly sleepover supervision at various holiday parks in South-Holland. In the first year, children sleep over at the holiday park once a month. In the second year, parents are actively involved in the supervision through coaching and training. In the final year, Happy KidsCare provides the family with distance monitoring.

Judith started Happy KidsCare, together with her business partner, to bring a fresh new perspective to child welfare. She does this by defining the counseling that is needed from the client’s perspective, and by listening to the child in need of care. That is one reason the children attend the sleepover weekends. These weekends take the children out of their day-to-day situation to a place where there is less stress. Judith sees a lot of cases where it is not only the children, but also the parents who are often overwhelmed and in need of recognition for the difficulty of their situation.

Good Night

Judith has helped many children, and their parents, these past few years. The parents appreciate the understanding for their situation, the listening and the solutions she offers. They are usually very excited to see that their child is making progress.

It is not just the happy parents that leave a lasting impression. There is one special child Judith will never forget. The now 13-year-old teenager came to Happy KidsCare as a 6-year-old boy. At their first meeting, he immediately ran away without even shaking Judith’s hand. She ran after him, and assured him that he would not have to do anything but have a conversation. After some hesitation, he agreed to come back. That same evening, he came to wish her good night. During the many weekends and sessions, it became clear he had very aggressive tendencies and severe angry outbursts. Judith remembers how she had to adjust the counseling program repeatedly because of his behavior. Now he is doing very well and attending preparatory high school. He has managed to get his outbursts under control and to successfully manage his anger. Judith admits she is proud of herself for not giving up, and of him for how far he has progressed.

Judith’s story is a good example of how progress is being made on SDG #3: ‘Good health and well-being.’

How do you do that in your daily life?

Judith Nieuwpoort
  • Werkt als kunstenaar, zelfstandig en in opdracht. Visie, verbeelding en verbinding zijn daarin haar vertrekpunten. De visie voor de Global Goals probeert ze samen met het team via dit Magazine te verbeelden en inzicht en een impuls te geven hoe we met elkaar kunnen verbinden. Zodat we met z'n allen de wereld steeds een stukje beter leren kennen en maken, lokaal, landelijk of wereldwijd. Lid bij JCI Gouda.

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