Greetings from JCI President 2017

Dear all,

In November 2015, at the JCI World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan, JCI members from around the world adopted the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as a platform for action.  To formalize our commitment, we signed the Kanazawa Declaration. This declaration is our agreement as active citizens to identify the relevant goals in our community, advance initiatives of change for sustainable development, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.  Importantly, the Declaration promises that JCI members will come together each year in Kanazawa, for five years, to report on our progress towards advancing the goals in our local communities.

As stated in the Declaration, “as active citizens we are committed to overcoming today’s global challenges by uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact in our communities and around the world”. At each level of the JCI global network, active citizens are leading projects to advance the Global Goals. In my travels, I have seen the various impactful initiatives led by our members every day in their communities. National Organizations, like JCI Japan, have adopted a specific goal and are seeking solutions to address that specific goal in their country and region.  Others, such as JCI Hong Kong, are holding workshops at local elementary schools to teach the children about the Global Goals and encourage them to be SDG ambassadors.

JCI Japan: Smile by Water Campaign
JCI Japan: Smile by Water Campaign
JCI Hong Kong: Global Goals workshops at local elementary schools
JCI Hong Kong: Global Goals workshops at local elementary schools

On the international level, we have JCI events like the Global Partnership Summit in New York City, USA at the UN Headquarters, bringing together like-minded community stakeholders from different countries to discuss how they are empowering young people and furthering the progress on the Global Goals.  The workshops and forums at our events give our members an opportunity to share ideas and be inspired to create change in their own communities. Additionally, JCI created the Global Youth Empowerment Fund, in collaboration with the SDG Action Campaign, which empowers young people with the ability to conduct projects that advance at least one of the Global Goals.

We have developed numerous tools and resources to support Local members and National Organizations to take action in identifying the most relevant goals in their communities and then to collaborate with stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions. The 17 goals are building blocks to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and combat climate change. Any project that advances initiatives to accomplish these major challenges, no matter how small and no matter where in the world, combines with the efforts of all JCI members and creates global impact.

The 17 goals are building blocks to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and combat climate change.

Although the Global Goals have a target deadline of 2030, our efforts to support sustainable development will not end then. Each of the Global Goals plays a role in building a better, more peaceful world. This is our fundamental goal as a global network of active citizens. I challenge JCI members and active citizens everywhere to continue our efforts to relate to each other as individuals and create an environment of empowerment to Build a Better Future.

Each one of us has a unique ability to contribute to the betterment of our community and create positive change. As we do that, and JCI members come together to advance the Global Goals and create Global Impact, we, as the voice of active citizens around the world, stand up together to say: I am JCI, You are JCI, We are JCI!  And when we come together, and work together, we will indeed Build a Better Future!

Dawn Hetzel, JCI Wereldpresident 2017

Best Regards,

Dawn Hetzel

2017 JCI President

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