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Reading this inspiring magazine has brought you up to date on the SDGs and why they form a perfect framework for action. Seventeen goals that, when combined, provide us, as a global community, with the answers to the biggest problems we face. As a group, we, the people behind JCI, can create real impact by setting up all sorts of activities and achieving these goals together (and with our network)!

That is exactly the type of thing we want to do during our upcoming World Congress.The program offers an array of activities aimed at inspiration, awareness and action! And, of course, you can also just have some fun. As organizers, we sincerely hope that you will come participate in many of the activities in the We DO 2030!-program and that you take this opportunity, along with some of the other participants from over 100 countries, to create real impact that gets us closer to the Sustainable Development Goals. And if you also like to live by the expression ‘work hard, play hard,’ you can enjoy the ‘Sodom and Gomorra’ that Amsterdam has to offer and the next morning rise and shine, get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work at the congress.

From idea to action quickly, thoroughly and under tremendous pressure.

In other words: a Pressure Cooker to go from idea to action on actual cases brought by participating organizations. That is one of the comprehensive activities you could spend your time on at the World Congress. It is your opportunity to apply your talents directly to making a difference.

Under the supervision of professional pressure cooker facilitators, you will join a group of other delegates for two days of working on researching the problem, formulating a solution and, if possible, also putting that into practice and presenting it to the organization. During the process, there will be several opportunities for InterVision to help stimulate the group process and keep the pressure on.

This promises to be quite an experience. All the skills necessary in our 21st century knowledge economy will be put to the test: collaboration, communication, ICT skills, social and intercultural skills, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Let yourself be both inspired and challenged at this congress! And let’s create a movement together that will continue to have a sustainable impact even after the week of November 6th through 10th, 2017. From idea to action!

Bas Siers, Program Manager Social Equality for the JCI World Congress 2017
  • Werkt als kunstenaar, zelfstandig en in opdracht. Visie, verbeelding en verbinding zijn daarin haar vertrekpunten. De visie voor de Global Goals probeert ze samen met het team via dit Magazine te verbeelden en inzicht en een impuls te geven hoe we met elkaar kunnen verbinden. Zodat we met z'n allen de wereld steeds een stukje beter leren kennen en maken, lokaal, landelijk of wereldwijd. Lid bij JCI Gouda.

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