What is the project about?

JCI de Maaskant, a chapter in the Uden-Veghel-Oss region, recently began a 1000 Chances project. The project is intended to help those looking for work with five evenings of training and guidance in learning to find a job. The aim of helping young people between 20 and 35 years of age fits perfectly with the age category of JCI members in this chapter. And not only does it increase the participants’ chances of finding a job, it also helps JCI de Maaskant make a name for itself in the region and possibly even welcome new members!

Which of the Global Goals is the project related to?

The 1000 Chances project fits Global Goal #8: decent work and economic growth. Through the training, the chamber’s network, and the personal mentoring from JCI de Maaskant members, the participants’ chances of finding work increase significantly.

How does the project work?

The 1000 Chances project consists of a number of meetings where participants and members of the chapter are both present. Each participant has a chapter member as mentor.Everyone gets to know each other during the first meeting with the help of a global commerce game.

The first evening’s activities are informal. During the next meeting, participants go through an Insights training to understand themselves better. This training is taught by one of the chapter’s senators, Patrick van der Spank. ‘Once you know yourself better, you can create a better LinkedIn profile,’ according to Patrick.

Topics of the third training evening are: ‘Which profile photo do I use, what education should I include on LinkedIn, and how do I write a good summary on LinkedIn?’ The next step covers job applications. How do I write a good application letter? This is the training for the fourth evening. A previous application letter is used as an example. The final training evening is about how to ‘dress to impress,’ or in other words, ´what should I wear to an interview’?

What do participants get out of the experience?

Participants expect to be more confident in their job search after these five evenings, since they will have gained insights, developed more self-confidence and learned how to write application letters. They will also have a LinkedIn profile that is easy for recruiters to find.

The first two training evenings have already taken place. Participants were very enthusiastic about the global commerce game during the initial meeting. The Insights training gave them new personal insights. Particularly the effect of being able to get so much information from simply ‘filling out a few questions’ was impressive.

Not only the participants, but also the chapter members have been extremely satisfied with the results so far. The ‘group app’ and the mentoring system have had a significant impact on commitment from chapter members to the project. The possibility of using one’s personal network only increases the chances of success. This also increases commitment from the chapter members. There is even talk of a second edition.

Perhaps the best evidence that it works is the creation of the project itself. Marieke Schepens, chapter member and the project’s co-coordinator, took part in a 1000 Chances project in Den Bosch. Her participation helped her find a new job, and she became a member of JCI de Maaskant. All in all, developments are positive for SDG #8: decent work and economic growth.

To find out more about this project or to start a 1000 Chances project at your own chapter, click here to discover 1000 Chances and what your chapter can do!

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